Wine Appreciation 101, With Kit

Topics: Wellness and Health

Having a palate is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. Good flavor is the missing ingredient in health food. And in health. And a wine-appreciation class can help. And be really fun.

The six “S” in wine tasting are *See (the color/viscosity), *Swirl (in glass to release compounds), *Smell (the bouquet), *Sip (not drink), *Spit (too much alcohol dulls you), *Savor (the tastes that remain in your mouth).

Here’s a cool Wine Enthusiast kit with aromas (blueberry, cedar, tobacco) I’ve used to train your nose and mouth to specific scents and flavors.

Making and appreciating wine (and beer and cider) is one of easiest, most fun, and creative things you can do.