Why Eating Breakfast Can Lower Your Cholesterol…Even Without Steel-Cut Oats, a Pat of Benecol and a Shake of Cinnamon

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Hint…all 3 of the above foods actually do lower your LDL (read, lousy!) cholesterol…and for some Santa Barbara Institute successful patients, under 100 mg/dl!

Skipping breakfast slows your body’s response to insulin. More insulin accumulates in your bloodstream. Your insulin sensitivity declines. And you accumulate, store and keep fat longer. Your weight goes up, and so does your LDL.

In a UK breakfast study, women ate more calories during the day if they had skipped breakfast—adding weight gain to their LDL add-on. And all of the insulin action above was recorded.

Brits skip breakfast an average of 113 times annually. You?

The moral is:

    eat breakfast, even if you’re not hungry
  • . Eat at least a little of a whole grain–bran, oats, wheat, rye, even sorghum, kamut, spelt. Look for the word “whole” first in the ingredient list—if a bread, cracker, chip doesn’t have it, put it back. And watch for the new new whole grain stamp to help.

    You’ll lower your LDL, and avoid the trans fats that drop your HDL (healthy!) cholesterol too. Controlling LDL with food is easy. Learn more.