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Two Inspirational Models for Excellence

By DrLaPuma 14 years ago2 Comments
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Dr John La Puma

In the last few days, I attended 2 classes–in online branding and in grape growing. In both, the presenter over-delivered, and I learned a lot more than the information.

Richard Sanford is a famous guy. He was the first to plant pinot noir in Santa Barbara County, and the first CCOF grower. He founded Sanford-Benedict Winery and it and his Alma Rosa Winery are in the nearby Santa Rita Hills. He makes ripe, clean, soulful wines for memorable meals.

For 2 hours on Saturday a.m., after getting in at 1230 a.m. from Atlanta, he walked 8 people from a local gardening club through the geology, geography, planting and growing processes. He then spent another hour in the La Encantada vineyard with us.

The price was free, as was the tasting at Alma Rosa. He did it because he cares deeply about the land, the work, the mission. A few photos here.

Jay Matheson is one of Apple’s development execs and marketing geniuses. On Friday, he spoke in front of a restless crowd of mostly college students about the basics of online branding, answered personal questions, identified simple, ask-yourself-questions, and made this often frothy area understandable and simple. He then offered his e-mail address and phone number to anyone who wanted his opinion, about anything.

So, I sent him the not-quite-done wireframes from my web designer for my redesigned site, coming in May I hope. Within 48 hours, he replied, with a book suggestion and with specific comments and encouragement. Free.

Neither of these guys works in health care, the culinary world or broadcast TV. But both of them set stunning examples for what it means to be a leader, to be passionate about your work, to worry less about the immediate dollar and more about meaning. Inspiring.

  Wellness and Mental Health

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