To Lose Weight and Lower LDL Cholesterol You Choose–Will You Change Your Environment or Change Yourself?

Topics: Wellness and Health

In the U.S., we like individual solutions to individual problems, one-on-one. If SuperSize Me can put on 25# in 30 days, then someone can lose weight eating at McDonalds three times daily too.

In Europe, where obesity has increased 10-50% within the past decade, they’re taking an environmental approach. The just released U.K. report on obesity recommends measures labelling food with red, yellow, and green symbols.

In kids, this is known as The Traffic Light Diet.

The World Health Organization 2004 draft report on obesity says that food ads “should not exploit children’s inexperience.” Limit sugars, shift fat from saturated to unsaturated fats, and eliminate trans fats. The WHO is right.

How to do this? As different as your country, state, city, job, family and schedule. As individual, clearly, as you are.

Effective solutions for adults
are one-on-one counseling and stomach surgery. Effective solutions for kids are family-based programs, both for prevention and treatment. But the key is in the details, not the generalities, especially if you are 100# overweight.

Avoid stomach surgery. Avoid side effects from medication. Learn to use food as medicine. Do this one-on-one, step by step.