The Coming Health Care Social Media Revolution *Conferences*

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging, Media, Wellness and Health

The coming health care social media revolution in health care is getting some buzz. There’s the Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media conference this week. There’s Connected Health next week. There’s Health 2.0 and South by Southwest, e-Patient Connections (with lots of consumers), and the always ahead of the curve Medicine 2.0 at Stanford.Get in on BlogWorldExpo!

Oh, wait, they’ve already happened.

What if you didn’t have to spend a few thousand dollars on travel, a hotel, and a full-access conference pass to the one remaining big health care social media conference of the year, at which people way more well known than I am will drop pearls of wisdom as they tweet by?

This is the part where I tell you about my talk at BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2011 in LA next month. I’m speaking about what health care social media can and should do to learn from entertainment, tech, transportation and marketing to actually improve patient care, public health and doctor-patient relationships, not just market, spin and promo.

You could snag a live, in-person conference ticket and save 20%. Enter the code “BWEVIP20” for the discount.

But, if you can’t travel, buy a virtual ticket (probably the best deal if you don’t do social media marketing or cruise ship management for a living. Gourmet barges need YouTube, too).

Because BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket is the best you-can’t-be-there-live-but-you-can-attend-anyway virtual event in social media and health care social media around.

The Virtual Ticket contains audio/video recordings of all 100+ hours of conference sessions. There are live recordings during the conference and at the extracurricular events. The recordings of the sessions AND the live extras available for you for a full year.

If you do come, I’ll be there all day Saturday, until my session at 3pm concluding the Social Health track (more about that soon) with Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company and Dakila Divina of EveryDay Health. But if you can’t make it LA, check out a virtual ticket to Blogworld…it’s a bargain.