The Business Case for Prevention

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging, Wellness and Health

There is a great business case for prevention.  And the government is making the argument, and putting our money, towards it.

Starting 2011, small companies—those with 100 employees or fewer, and no existing wellness program in place–will be able to get grants for up to five years to establish employee wellness programs. With a 30% credit.

Companies also can establish employee rewards programs, with an up to 50% credit by the government.

But what are the criteria? How to apply? Where is the grant application? Not posted, yet.

Many studies say corporate wellness programs show a positive return on investment (ROI). A study of 56 worksite health promotion programs showed, on average, 32 percent less workers’ comp/disability claims costs.

A 2010 Harvard Study of wellness programs found
*$2.73:1 savings-to-cost ratio for absenteeism
*$3.27:1 savings-to-cost ratio for health costs

All from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Here is a timeline summary through 2015, courtesy of the Kaiser Foundation, about what to expect. Fasten your seat belt!