Tasty Soups Solve Everything

Topics: Wellness and Health

This weekend, take your pick from a trio of my favorite soups. Double the recipe and invite some friends and family over. Leave your phones by the door and the TV off and enjoy food, conversation, and laughter.

Chili Chili Bang Bang

Colds and sinus infections run rampant this time of year. If you’ve caught one, try this chili as the spice of the poblano pepper could help create some congestion relief.

Get the recipe here.

Classic Split Pea Soup

Sure this is warming. Sure it’s easy to make. Sure it’s low calorie, low carb and even low fat. But how much does it cost? Virtually nothing! Split peas are a huge bargain–and because they’re split, they cook in half the time of most whole beans.

Get the recipe here.

Pasta Fagioli Soup

This simple and classic Italian bean soup never disappoints. Enjoy on a crisp winter night with a crusty, toothsome bread spread with a good quality olive oil.

Get the recipe here.