Taste the Transformative Power of Lifestyle Changes

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging, Wellness and Health

The transformative power of lifestyle changes is the best medicine…and synergistic with meds and devices.

But what if you can’t eat the best diet possible, exercise most efficiently, alleviate stress in the model way and be nakedly intimate in your closest relationships?

You start wherever you are. Perfect is often the enemy of good. Dean Ornish is the chief apostle of this approach. I think his work deserves to be highlighted.

Next week in Portland Oregon, I’ll feed 19.6 calories of high quality Xocolatl chocolate to 200+ IACP teachers, chefs and restaurateurs during my talk on culinary medicine.

Because for people who love food, flavor can be a form of meditation. You enjoy it more fully/ experience more pleasure if you let it melt, slowly, gently, seductively. In your mouth. And your arteries dilate, to boot.

Turn on the genes that protect your immune system. Turn off the genes that promote breast and prostate cancer, and impotence. What you include in your diet is even more important, to someone who loves food, than what you exclude.

Jamie Oliver’s flash-mob of wok-ing West Virginians is a great way to show that small changes make a big difference. To you and your relationships.

photos of 1000 West Virginians with their stir-fries

photos of 1000 West Virginians with their stir-fries

We already know what works. Taste it!