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Super Bowls: The Bigger the Bowl and the Shorter the Glass, the More You'll Eat

By DrLaPuma 13 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Wellness and Mental Health  /  Super Bowls: The Bigger the Bowl and the Shorter the Glass, the More You'll Eat
Dr John La Puma

Two 2005 studies show “small changes make a big difference” in your weight loss diet.

Forty men and women about to watch the 2005 Super Bowl served themselves 53% (146 calories) more and ate 56% (142 calories) more than those who served themselves from small bowls.

A large bowl was 4 liters; a small one was 2 liters.

And nearly 300 experienced bartenders and newbie students aimed to pour 1.5 ounce drinks into tall narrow glasses and short wide glasses.

But they routinely poured 20% more in the short, wide glass. Others have done the same for fruit juice.

Size matters. People eat and drink on average, 92% of what they have

served themselves. What should you be eating? Be individual: foods are individual, and foods that are right for one person are not necessarily right for another. See a medical specialist, or sign in to learn more.

  Wellness and Mental Health
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