Statin Diets to Lower Cholesterol: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy or Good Advertising?

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The ideal HDL/cholesterol ratio should be higher than 25%: and the higher the better. The ideal triglyceride/total cholesterol ratio should be below 0.5. Foods change HDL and LDL.

Small changes can make a big difference. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Find a first rate book on lowering cholesterol. Try our cholesterol lowering program. Start with free recipes. Read more below about the diets that statin makers post…some of which actually raise your LDL.

A new statin war is about to break out in the U.S.: Zytorin, which is Zocor and Zetia combined, has been approved. Lowering cholesterol is essential to preventing heart attacks and stroke. Business for Zytorin should be brisk. Here’s why:
*”Zytorin” Food Tips on how to lower cholesterol should actually raise it.
*The Lipitor diet to lower cholesterol is a joke. It’s mostly about exercise (enough stamina exercise can raise your HDL). The Lipitor cholesterol menus says “Go Easy On Nuts”, when 6 separate studies show that almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, filberts and macadamias all can lower cholesterol. Geez!
*Crestor is on its way to gain part of what was a $16 Billion U.S. market in 2003 (Lipitor = $9.23 Billion of it). The Crestor diet is better: it suggests avoiding some foods with saturated fat. But which foods lower LDL or raise HDL? Not found here.
*Britain now offers half the starting dose (10 mg) Zocor over the counter. Sadly, this little pill may not help because this dose has never been tested! All statins combined with the wrong medicines, however, may cause liver effects and myopathy.