Should YOU Be Gluten Free? Take the Quiz !

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It’s funny how a simple, easy, confidential, secure self-test for a medical condition that food can cause

    and sometimes cure

can actually help people…and create buzz.

Over 500 people last week took the Gluten Free Quiz…many after GlutenFreeGirl featured it in her terrific round-up of Going Gluten-Free resources.

I created the quiz with CHEF Clinic after I saw a patient referred to me for a nutritional program to help lifelong, possibly food-related symptoms –upset stomach, anemia, insomnia, weight fluctuations.

After careful history-taking, food records and lab testing, she was found to have celiac disease. So was her sister.

Up to 3 million people in the U.S. and many more worldwide have hard-to-diagnose celiac disease, and suffer with gluten-inflicted symptoms, from infertility to thyroiditis.

97 percent don’t know that gluten is the cause. And a lot of solid science identifies those at risk: the Quiz makes it easy for people to use.

Of the first 1000 people who have taken the new Gluten Free Quiz, 45 percent have at least one major risk factor for celiac disease:
type I diabetes
iron deficiency anemia
a first or second degree relative with celiac disease.

The Gluten Free Quiz intends to improve access to testing, and it’s free.

Anyone can eat healthfully and beautifully, with flavor and passion without gluten, but people with celiac disease–a destructive autoimmune reaction to the protein gluten– must eat this way.

Search the Gluten Free Swicki for delicious Gluten Free Recipes, web-wide.

Gluten is in not just wheat and barley, but in many other products, from soy sauce to face cream. It’s essential to know what’s in your products if you need to be gluten-free.

Take the quiz, print off a copy, and if you have a high score, take it to your doctor to ask, “Do you think I should be tested for celiac disease?”

  • Carol Davison

    I was always physically active with great biceps and deltoids, but I ate the wrong things and shoveled it in with both hands. I wanted to lower blood sugar, pressure, weight and get off meds. I went vegan and eliminated gluten and corn and most anything prepared. I added daily oatmeal with ground flax seed. In just a few days my sugar “addiction” went away and I barely crave it and am much less hungry in general. I lost 13 pounds in 7 weeks, look like I lost 20 and went down a size. I am shocked at how happy I feel. Thanks for all of your help. I’d also started walking up six flights and down seven daily but my knees and hips hurt so much I’m waiting until I lose another 20 pounds. Then I’ll start bouncing on my mini trampoline while I watch TV. Any suggestions? Thank you for all of your help!