See How Easily You Can Make Yourself Younger: Small Group Seminars

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging, High Cholesterol, Wellness and Health
Staying Healthy As You Age

One of the most productive and fun seminars I’ve given took place just two weeks ago, here in Santa Barbara, in a nearby rented living room: house call!

A group of guys from the Midwest, all members of an executive professional organization, called me a few weeks ahead of their planned biking and wine country expedition. They asked if I would speak with them for a couple of hours on Staying Healthy as You Age.

Sure, I said. I asked them all to take a RealAge test (disclosure: I wrote two books on healthy aging with RealAge founder and Dr Oz superstar Michael Roizen, and serve on the Scientific Advisory Board).

And the good news: nearly all had RealAges (the age of their bodies as they’ve chosen to care for them) younger than their birthday ages. And all wanted to do better…especially in weight loss, cholesterol, sleep, stress relief, quality of life.

Plus, we got to talk about wine, wine-tasting, pairing and making. And I shared two wines I’d made–a Petite Sirah and a Zinfandel–which was also really fun. I gave each a signed copy of The RealAge Diet.

I’m confident that the next time I see them, several of them (all of them?) will look and feel better and younger than they do now.

Judith Weinraub of the Washington Post interviewed several of us who have observed that men and women sometimes need different advice.

And collaboration and partnership, instead of direction. Very satisfying.