Omega-3 Oils: Why Are They Part of An Anti-Inflammatory Diet? And Plants, Fish or Both?

Topics: Wellness and Health

Omega-3 fats are fit fats, and just one group of polyunsaturated fats, liquid at room temp. They are in your fish, nuts, grains, seeds and other plants. But unlike omega-6 fats, also in those foods, poultry and red meat, omega-3s cool inflammation in your arteries, immune system and joints.

How? One new Harvard theory is that omega-3 metabolites called resolvins, turn off inflammation in your moving cells, so they cannot move to inflame your arteries and immune system.

And this might be why Cox-2 inhibitor drugs (Celebrex, Bextra, Vioxx) are more dangerous than previously thought. Because Cox-2s help make resolvins. So blocking Cox-2s would actually let inflammation continue inside your arteries, and thus make a heart attack more likely. No matter what your cool runner watch says.

So eat cold water marine fish, like trout, herring, sardines, anchovies and of course, king salmon. And try omega-3 rich plants: flax meal, walnuts, purslane. And consider omega-3 capsules: they are clearer of PCBs and mercury than fish itself.

N.B. Omega-3s affect your LDL, like Vytorin. True or False?