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Topics: Wellness and Health

On my upcoming, re-launched website, I’m not going to track/post a library of quotes, clips and cites in print and nonprint: YouTube, Vimeo, FB, LI and Google News, not to mention Twitter are taking care of that. Especially for as-it-happens news, which I use these sites for too.

I’m always interested in media calls and what people want to know, and the calls come in waves: here’s a selection.

Prevention Magazine this month on top foods you’re not eating; a Pacifica/NPR May and June Fundraiser on New York’s WBAI (wild!) on why what you eat matters to the planet too; a factually correct June Bottom Line interview on culinary medicine principles; a May Sirius XM “Doctors Channel” interview by bariatric surgeon Dr Marina Kurianon my patients’ eating habits and weight loss; and June reporting on the upcoming training in culinary medicine.

And a WSJ letter, as yet unpublished, citing our research on the meals served at medical conferences…you’d be surprised what we eat!