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Join the REFUEL Launch Team and Receive 5 Exclusive Benefits

By DrLaPuma 9 years agoNo Comments
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refuel launch photo

I need your help. Part of REFUELING is recognizing the ways in which others (especially women) can help you along the way, and thanking them.

To get the word out about REFUEL, I am inviting 15 of my readers to join me in creating a special “REFUEL Launch Team.” It’s a peer group of people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help get the word out about the book.  The group will add value and meet real needs among readers, and as such, this elite group will have special benefits and privileges—and responsibilities.

Team Member Benefits and Privileges

As a REFUEL Launch Team member you will get:

  1. A free, brand-spanking new hard copy of the book in advance of the publication date, probably early next week. Really. The book isn’t out until 12.31.13, officially, and you can’t get it until then (as far as I know).
  2. Exclusive access to me and the other team members in a VIPsDrJLP Private Facebook Group.
  3. A special 30-minute group phone session with me prior to the launch of the book.
  4. A special THANK YOU with link to your own blog or website on my website.
  5. 13 weeks of my new VIP membership, free. The VIP membership holds the key to everything on this site that is otherwise protected content; a full year of VIP membership includes four more conference calls with ask-me-anything access to me, and much more.

Team Member Requirements

As a member of the REFUEL Launch Team you:

  1. Write or record a brief book review on Amazon or another e-tailer site as soon as book reviews can be posted.
  2. Share ideas and tactics about how to get the word out, especially in the private Facebook Group, with other members of the Launch Team.
  3. Share your work visually during the week of January 1: for example,
  • Take a picture of yourself holding the book and post it on Twitter and Instagram with the official book hashtag #RefuelBook
  • Write a comment about the book on your favorite blog, take a screenshot, and share it on Facebook or Google Plus.
  • Create and execute another fun, visual way to share your work, perhaps using one of the 15 #hashtags in the book, including #CYSYP

That’s it!

Ready to Launch? Launch Team Member Sign-Up here.

Launch Team Member Slots are limited, and sign up ends Sunday December 8 at 12 noon PST.  But if you are not selected, you can still help! Here are a few ways:

  • During the week beginning Monday 12:01 a.m., December 31, 2013 (Launch Week), order one or more hardcover copies of REFUEL.  Hardcover copies count towards the Times list (the list is not always accurate or fair, but it’s a big hairy audacious goal, and I believe in aiming high).
  • I also plan to offer book bundles that are insane, worth at least twice the price of the books, and up to $75000 (there is only one of those). This is not an easy thing to pull off, but we are inspired by the 4 Hour Chef amazing bundles. Get the newsletter updates to be notified.
  • Encourage others on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to take advantage of the book bundles offer during launch week.
  • Read the book and post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads and more.
  • REFUEL Yourself!

The last one is most important to me. If you’re a man, or know a man who needs this, you are far more capable than you’ve been taught, and you can make yourself stronger, supercharge sex and make yourself better with what you eat and how you live.

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