How to Start a Movement in 3 Minutes: Be a First Follower

Topics: Wellness and Health

We all want to change the world. At least, I do.

But without help, it’s impossible to do alone.

Inspire people to enjoy the food fully. Teach anyone who wants to learn how to transform their lives with what they eat. Re-imagine hospital food as therapeutic and delicious, not disease-causing and bland. Entertain audiences well enough to embed a tipping point. Coach out of control people so they are in control of their lives. Write a sentence so marvelous you want to read the next one.

But here’s how to do it: a TED Video that shows, in just 3 minutes, a lone guy who has an oddball idea…that everyone eventually loves. The commentary is worth listening to: it explains leadership, almost as a metaphor. I first saw this, by the way, at Catalyst Santa Barbara, a regular lecture series on innovation.