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Restoring Hormonal Harmony

By DrLaPuma 5 years agoNo Comments
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Hormonal Therapy

Restoring Hormonal Harmony: In Refuel, I wrote a great deal about testosterone, the vital sex hormone that in men can play a crucial role in the regulation of visceral fat and the severity of its effects.

It’s essential to women, too, in whom it helps maintain libido, and effects bone mineral density, and muscle mass and strength.

Of course, testosterone is only one of the many chemical messengers (there are approximately 50 known hormones) the body relies upon to control countless functions.

Other major players include cortisol, insulin, and estrogen, which effect everything from metabolism to blood pressure, and cognitive function and body temperature.

There are lifestyle strategies you can implement to help restore your hormone balance. In this fantastic piece from September’s Experience Life magazine, in which I’m happy to be quoted along with other experts, you can read about how you can restore Hormonal Harmony, and with it, your best weight, blood sugar and energy level.

Catch a sneak peek of this excellent piece here!





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