Home Cooking–A Vote for Wherever You're From

Topics: Wellness and Health

Just moving to the U.S. puts on pounds! A new Harvard/Northwestern weight loss study of 32,374 people shows a typical 5’4” (1.63-m) immigrant woman and a typical 5’9” (1.75-m) immigrant man–white, Latino or Asian–gained an excess 9 lb (4.05 kg) and 11 lb (4.95 kg) respectively, PLUS any weight gain from other factors.

Those most at risk have been in the U.S. 10 years or more, and foreign-born men and women are less likely to receive diet and exercise counseling than those born in the US (18% vs 24%) from clinicians.

But traditional Asian diet pyramid, Latin American diet pyramid and Mediterranean diet pyramid are healthy! If you’re Asian, Latino or Caucasian, try eating your foods from your country of origin…in your original portions.