Group Visits, Retail Clinics & Social Media

Topics: Wellness and Health

Faster, quicker, easier ways of docs connecting with patients, such as group visits are increasingly popular with docs who know how.

These experiences are here to stay, and grow. Docs need to embrace them, like we do social media. Dr Gwenn argues that patients are way ahead, that only blinders, and fear of loss of control and patients prevent clinicians from learning how to use twitter, facebook, linkedin and meet-ups, not to mention video and podcasts. She’s right.

Though I think it is also fear of liability, of missing personal connections, of commoditization that docs fear. One more reason to find a good one, and stick with her.

Retail clinics are also exploding in growth. People come in and can evaluate the experience: it is WYSYWIG. A Retail Clinic Summit in March is for industry, but the topics are instructive. They’re all about partnership.

David Harlow has a smart slideshare on the Massachusetts experience to date.

  • Sue

    Partnership between Healthcare providers and the patient (and care giver) is key to better health.

    Based on my experiences as a care giver, some doctors like patient involvement and others just want all the control.

    Times are definitely changing. Email exchanges between my mom’s doctors and me have helped my mom to have more good days than bad days. These email exchanges remind me of the days when I was a very little girl and our doctor made house calls.