Grand Rounds: Can Food Be Health Care?

Topics: Wellness and Health

When Food as Medicine Grand Rounds appeared 3 years ago, it was a toddler, pulsing with Inspiration and Experimentation.

Now, it’s skipped adolescence and it’s going to Washington! But as Jake Sully notes: “…all energy is borrowed; at some point you have to return it.”

Weight Loss
@precordialthump unveils his Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine (UCEM) regimen for combating post-Christmas corpulence: ME (more exercise) and ELF (eat less food). Actually, EDF (E Different F).

Healthline’s Nancy Brown dissects the data: a medium movie popcorn and soda gives 1610 calories and 60 grams saturated fat. BYO, please…a theme for 2010.

Chef Paul Lynch cooked a week’s meals for diabetic Mrs. Ippolito in an Oldways Whole Grains Makeover for a Grand Prize Winner. No doubt a break from higher GL carbs.

DiabetesMine offers much needed relief from the “daily manual pancreas” with an artificial pancreas, which is one way around all those Cheetos.

And then there are adolescent females with Type-1 diabetes who have a two to four-fold higher incidence of eating disorders. Insulin omission is their weight loss MOA. Scholarly Terri Schmitt shows us why.

Contrast that with MedLibLog’s touching food-for-thought post on childhood obesity, and the proper role of unsaturated fat in food.

David Williams’ Business Blog smartly dissects the Cookie Diet (and its reported $18m 2008 revenues).

Henry Stern can’t believe that you can donate blood and get beer, and wonders if pot (brownies?) is next.

Reason sees low-methionine foods as both key to longevity and a potential pot of gold. That’s lots of peppers and berries, btw. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Fitness Fixer’s Dr Bookspan, bless her heart, takes pleasure in the rhythm of cooking and giving and gardening.

Theresa at thefoodhunter finds literal calf strength in learning to cook local, better than any trainer. You go girl.

Dr Bates’ personal trainer is loyal, handsome and photogenic. Yours can be too.

Eve Harris manages to tie together Food TV’s Alton Brown’s volitional weight loss and integrative oncology in a healthy piece of her mind. Wish there were more…she really gets it.

With photos of Martha Stewart and Dan Barber in the open air of a New York summer event, Eddie C’s beautiful story going from food activist to a prestigious botanical institution shows where reform could head. Grow more of your own. Get sick less.

That poetry is complemented by Medical Whistleblower and his smart and funny Health Care Reform Reformed Christmas Carol in Rhyme.

Colorado health insurance insider (the only U.S. state <19% obesity) states: “the main reason health insurance premia are out of control: we’re too fat and we overuse our healthcare system.” Ouch. Off the couch!

Each TV hour watched increases the CVD death rate by 18%, according to Happy Hospitalist. Watching, not being on:). Though as hard as Dr Oz is working, I wonder.

Barb at Florencedotcom suggests viewing the well-referenced AHRQ Patient Safety site.

But where are food allergens, chemical contaminants (no BPA, via ChefMD’s blog) in hospital food, no cheeseburgers after bypass, and soda as off-limits for pediatric patients? Food as medical error is not on the safety radar. Yet.

Follow Dr Gawande: his last New Yorker piece was about farming. And food.

N.b. I liked other submissions too, though they were not about food: the heroicism of clinicians volunteering in Haiti (Inside Surgery); docs leaving medicine (Dr Gwenn); fighting tamponade (with dayglo photos) from Bongi; social media in Aussie hospitals from @sandnsurf; the musings of distractible internist Dr Rob; and epinephrine auto-injectors from AllergyNotes.

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