Give Me the Recalled Flu Shots and I'll Give You Flu Fighting Foods

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By now, most people know that nearly 20% of kids’ Swine Flu Shots are less potent than when they left the lab.

And that 800,000 doses are being recalled, even though most of them have already been given!

The CDC says not to worry, and not to re-administer. Kids up to 9 years old should get two doses about a month apart.

But if you’ve been following along, you know there are powerful weapons in your kitchen medicine cabinet that can help you fight the flu.

Flu fighting foods. Imagine if your kid got a bowl twice monthly of my Simple Sopa Azteca (an easy chicken soup rich with chicken flavor and vegetables, and btw, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories). A meal and just maybe, a medicine too.

And yes, there’s real research and tastier recipes to boot: check out Epicurious’ feature on flu fighting foods as well.

Are you using foods to stay well in Winter?

  • Dr.N.P.Viswanathan

    In India swine flu shots are not yet available.we are learning from your experience.what is the incidence of
    anaphylactic reaction with swine flu shots?

  • In Canada in November 2009, there were reports of anaphylaxis in Canada: “In one lot of 172,000 doses, anaphylaxis occured at a rate of 4 per 100,000. Typically, just 1 per 100,000 will suffer from the reaction.”

    But I am unaware of U.S. anaphylaxis: the Canadian experience is being investigated.

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