Foods That Lower Blood Sugar–Is Magnesium the Missing Mineral?

Topics: Wellness and Health
Dr John La Puma

Foods that lower blood sugar are the holy grail of some diabetes researchers. Two new studies, both from Harvard (on men and women) and the other just women suggest that diabetes can be prevented, and that food can do it.

Which foods? Those high in magnesium: low levels of magnesium are associated with the development of diabetes. But if you have a normal level, can extra magnesium help? The US RDI for magnesium in adults ranges between 310 mg and 420 mg. A good, USP-verified, well-absorbed supplement is magnesium citrate.

Women especially who are overweight are more insulin resistant: magnesium might help these people with glucose tolerance. Click below for a list of foods and their magnesium levels, courtesy of the USDA database–by buckwheat flour on down and in alphabetical order.

Wheat germ, toasted, 1 oz
Almonds, dry roasted, 1 oz–90 mg
Cereal, shredded wheat, 2 rectangular biscuits–86 mg
Seeds, pumpkin, 1/2 oz–80 mg
Cashews, dry roasted, 1 oz–75 mg
Nuts, mixed, dry roasted, 1 oz–73 mg
Spinach, cooked, 1/2 c–66 mg
Cereal, oats, instant/fortified, cooked with water, 1 c– 65 mg
Potato, baked with skin, 1 medium–56 mg
Soybeans, cooked, 1/2 c–55 mg
Peanuts, dry roasted, 1 oz–54 mg
100% Bran, 2 Tbs– 50 mg
Vegetarian baked beans, 1/2 c–44 mg
Potato, baked without skin, 1 medium–40 mg
Spinach, raw, 1 c–40 mg