Fight Arterial Aging at Work: Heart Attack, Stroke, Impotence and Premature Wrinkling (!)

Topics: Wellness and Health

Worksite nutrition is coming of age. And it’s because it’s costing companies money to have overweight employees.

According to an excellent Journal of Occupational Health study, workers who are active and not overweight take fewer sick days and have less social difficulty–and more productivity.

In 1991, in most states, the rate of obesity among adults was below 14%; by 2001. Obesity among US adults increased from 12% to nearly 21% during those years. Teens are catching up.

Everyone knows extra weight can lead to heart attacks and strokes. But impotence? Pre-mature wrinkling? Absolutely! Calculate your BMI, free, here.

Is weight gain in the last decade because of carbs? or fat? The CDC says both. We’re eating more of everything!

How do you make small changes that make a big difference in your rate of aging? and in weight loss? Dr. Roizen’s new book, The RealAge Makeover can help, and so can The RealAge Diet. Find a coach you trust, and get a plan.