Eat Your Fish and Grains: They Prevent Asthma in Kids

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Diet and asthma have always been sterotypically linked…asthmatic kids are the skinny, sickly ones on the playground, confined to wheezing and avoiding meals while the others run free.

The truth is that more kids are diagnosed as asthmatic than ever before— it is the most common chronic condition among kids. And many people think diet is what’s doing it, and can undo it.

In other words, it’s not (just) pollution, trans fats and dust mites–it’s not enough protective produce, whole grains and fish, which contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help the immune system.

Maternal diet may influence asthma development in kids; a high salt intake may worsen it; so may dairy and eggs, especially in kids; a Westernized lifestyle almost certainly does. Fast food–especially hamburgers–more than once weekly affects wheezing (or did in a study of 1321 eleven year olds).

But which foods can help?

In a study of 598 Dutch school kids ages 8-13, the more whole grains and fish kids ate, the less wheezing there was. A study of asthmatic expectant Moms found that those who ate oily fish (but not fish sticks) once monthly could protect their newborns from early childhood asthma. Learn safe fish to eat.

An asthma diet? Not just food allergy, and not so far-fetched.

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