Eat Less Exercise More is Wrong: REFUEL Minute #2

Topics: Books, Fitness Equipment, Hormones, Refuel, Wellness and Health

This is the second of a baker’s dozen of Refuel Minutes I wrote and recorded so that men begin to learn simple tips that work right away, and over time.

I’ll try to post one per week, and see if people like them: write questions here, and I’ll try to answer them.

I love the challenge of trying to translate complex into simple, and inspiring change with men’s real stories (I write many in the book, and you can read many of those here in the blog: here is the first one of those as well.)

The main points are:

1. Don’t eat what you can crumple or crush
2. Use a 6 inch plate
3. Do pushups hard for 10 seconds, and rest for 50 seconds. Repeat x4. You’re done with strength training for the day

When men do this, the results are remarkable: in our study (reported in abstract form at Stanford’s Medicine X and Quantified Self national conferences):

  • 57% improved erectile function (57% of those who could: some men were already at the top)
  • 62% lost 10 pounds or more
  • 67% had higher energy levels
  • 75% increased muscle mass
  • 75% had better quality sleep