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Commercial Programs for Weight Loss Work Better than Do-it-Yourself…But Not Well

By DrLaPuma 14 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Wellness and Mental Health  /  Commercial Programs for Weight Loss Work Better than Do-it-Yourself…But Not Well
Dr John La Puma

In a new JAMA study, a two-year study of group weight-lossand self-help found that those on the structured commercial weekly-meeting program weighed about 10# less than they did when they started after a year. They gained about 4# back after 2 years.

By contrast, people who did it purely on their own, seeing a “nutritionist” just twice, stayed even–they lost 3# after a year, and zip after 2 years.

Attending weekly group meetings for 2 years straight is an awful lot of effort to lose just 6#. No real guidance, accountability, or medical help were available, either. Other research from investigators in this weight loss JAMA has shown that most overweight people are dissatisfied with weight loss of even 20#. And the analysis of low carb diets shows that it’s calories that matter…not carbs (or fats or protein).

HOW to become healthier and lose weight varies with each of us…what works for some people doesn’t work for others. The secret is finding out what works for you—and for that, you need one-on-one, individual help.

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