Child Obesity: The Way Forward, on a Diet (plus Moving)

Topics: Wellness and Health

I can’t wait as Michelle Obama now bares her new tools and guns for “Let’s Move” to fight child obesity.

Maybe she can help school officials to change their thinking even more.

For example, why is it “parents’ responsibility to forbid children at risk of obesity to buy candy” as the Orange County High School rotund principal insists, as a school secretary (is this retro, or what?) gives the go-ahead for daily rounds with Skittles and other day-glo candy, picking up teen pocket change here, there and everywhere?

Paradoxically, candy rounds are for uniforms and equipment for athletic teams.

The CDC and Dr Bill Deitz have it right: pediatric obesity has leveled off (about 1/3 of kids are obese or overweight) and one reason is that some schools (other than OC obove) are starting to get it. Get the soda and candy out, and water and better snacks in.

But at first blush, Let’s Move still seems to be about helping kids to eat burgers and fries and ice cream and cake. Haven’t we had 30 years of too much of that?

Helping kids with their weight means putting some of them on a diet…and their principal. A diet that is an eating plan that they can live with, whether or not they know it’s a diet. The adults will know.

But the kids might just learn and love that they’re getting real food, not fake food. And real food for kids is the way forward, for kids who need to lose weight and keep it off, forever.