Can Fish Oil Help Statins (Lipitor, Zytorin, et al) Lower Lipids and Fats?

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In a small, under-reported study, 55 people with high cholesterol and triglyceride levels took Lescol (fluvastatin–one of the statin medications for high cholesterol), or Lescol plus 3 grams of fish oil, or 3 grams of olive oil as a control.

Olive oil does not significantly affect cholesterol levels.

Those who took fluvastatin plus fish oil dropped their LDL by 9 percent more, and their triglycerides by 32 percent more than with fluvastatin alone—plus their HDL rose by 11 percent, and blood pressure dropped 7 percent.

Statins like Lescol, Pravachol and Zocor lower triglycerides–fats in the bloodstream. But the fats they lower are some omega-3 fats, of which you need more, not less.