Bill Clinton: Don’t Eat Like Me…How Do You Eat?

Topics: High Cholesterol, Wellness and Health

Brian Montopoli at CBS’ News Blog quotes Bill Clinton today as saying his heart disease developed from

+”the habits I acquired in my childhood, mostly the way I ate and the way it interacted with my own biology and propensity to produce bad cholesterol,” (from People Magazine)…and

+ “I ate too much fried food, too much ice cream, too much everything.”

Clinton also had a wake-up call after he watched his own Nightline Interview on Haiti, below: “I looked like I was 185 years old. My color was bad.”

Media pros do teach you to watch your interviews, to improve. But Clinton could start a school in media, so he wasn’t watching for technique. He watched and had a revelation…but not before he could have two stents put in.

You don’t have to wait to make the changes you need to make. You just have to ship, as Seth Godin writes.

Decide you have a deadline to make the change, post the date on your wall (not your website) (or your FB page) and when the date comes, start your new weight loss/cholesterol control/smoking cessation program.

With help, coaching, more sleep and maybe, video.

  • Sue

    Amen! My mom was my wake up call to change my evil food ways. I saw her health conditions as my future health issues. I changed our diet (my mom’s too) and she doesn’t need insulin anymore. We are all losing weight in my family. I learned a valuable lesson, the body can heal itself as soon as you give it great food like Dr. John teaches on this awesome blog!

  • So glad it is working for you, Sue. JL