Anti-Aging and Fish Oil: Time Capsule?

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Anti-Aging and Fish Oil

The new study from JAMA on omega-3 (EPA + DHA) levels in mostly white, middle aged men with heart disease strikes a little close. And not because I’m white and middle aged, and keen on living younger.

It’s because so many of my patients are, who come in for weight loss or cholesterol programs.

The study shows that the higher your EPA + DHA blood levels (which rise because you eat fish or fish or algal oil (not flax, walnut, soy, chia or hemp), the longer your telomeres.

Pulitzer Prize winner (and successful patient) Tom Burton covered it clearly for the Wall Street Journal today.

Size counts if you’re trying to prevent aging. Because usually, the older you are, the shorter your telomeres.

Telomeres are those little bits of helpful DNA on the outside of your genes that protect them against coming unraveled. You want yours long.

YOU Doc Mike Roizen and I think that the right food can make your RealAge and your biological age younger. We even wrote The RealAge Diet to show you how.

My advice is still food first: eat sardines, wild salmon, trout and other toxin-free delicious fish dishes twice weekly. And go long. If you can’t, investigate top diet and nutrition alternatives