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5 Tips on How to Lead the Food Revolution

By DrLaPuma 8 years ago6 Comments
Home  /  Wellness and Mental Health  /  5 Tips on How to Lead the Food Revolution
Dr John La Puma

1. Prepare for a little discomfort: standing up in front of strangers, being known for something you believe in, breaking your day-glo-colored-snack from a vending-machine habit. Not comfortable. But big.

2. Stay positive. No need to tear others’ food down, just because you have a better idea. Example: serve a beautiful, real-food recipe (use one of mine–they’re free) at your next party or Sunday dinner. Without the pep talk.

3. Connect people: they expect it. Healthful eaters are the new silent majority. Tweet, blog, facebook, linked in link, youtube post and comment. Talk to people at church and in the produce section. How about those snap peas? How ’bout that epicurious? How about the Biggest Loser, or Huntington’s schools?

4. Make your new idea old. Didn’t 7th grade kids used to take “home economics”? Didn’t we used to use the rim of the plate for decoration, instead of more food? Didn’t we used to use plates? Each of these “new ideas” has roots in the past which make them familiar.

5. Feel the burn. What you care about leads to your place of leadership. Is it flavor, or child obesity, or diabetes treatment, or organics, or longevity? Take that passion, and bring something new to the break room. Talk to a hospital nurse about what is served to sick people. Work an hour a month at the local Foodbank. Then actively link up online. People who are interested will find you, and when they do, they’ll follow you. Passion itself is transformational. And so are you.

  Wellness and Mental Health
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