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Weekly Wows: GOES Foundation, regenerative agriculture, and tennis

By DrLaPuma 5 years agoNo Comments
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GOES Foundation

What Trailer I’m Watching

Wastewater is hardly given a second thought in most of the U.S. You flush, and it goes down the sewer or into the septic. But few people know that treated wastewater can have a positive and important effect on climate change!

Check out this GoesFoundation video on treating waste water. (Pro tip: most antibiotics residues in water come not from people disposing of drugs down the toilet but from hospitals, where there are a lot of people getting antibiotics simultaneously.)

I’m looking forward to human studies about this, but a home wastewater filter that traps antibiotics seems like an obvious individual solution while we wait for government to catch up.


What Business Strategy I’m Championing

I heard John Fullerton give a talk about Regenerative Economics at the 2019 Planetary Health conference—and next to the Hawaiian voyager, it was easily the most bold and riveting talk of the three days.

Regenerative agriculture is straight-forward in concept: leave the land better than you found it, despite what you grow.

Regenerative economics depends on regenerative communities where business has not just a social purpose but a creative, integrated one.

Check out their Field Guide to Regenerative Communities with 50 examples around the globe where business works differently. It could (and does!) happen here.


What Graphics I’m Learning From

If you don’t play tennis… read this anyway!

The graphics explain how and where to hold a racket for a forehand in such a clear, smart, illustrated way that it seems like a model for future explanations of complicated things made simple.

Then get outside and hit a tennis ball 5 or 6 different ways… Read here first!

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