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Zinc L Carnosine Prevents Intestinal Damage, Pain, Inflammation of Strong Arthritis Meds (Indocin, Indomethacin)

By DrLaPuma 16 years ago3 Comments
Home  /  Aging and Costs of Aging  /  Zinc L Carnosine Prevents Intestinal Damage, Pain, Inflammation of Strong Arthritis Meds (Indocin, Indomethacin)
Zinlori 75® Zinc-Carnosine Complex for GI Support

…and, good news for meat eaters.

Zinc-Carnosine is found in meat not plants, and in dietary supplements. It is stored in our muscles and in the brain.

When given to 10 people with 150 milligrams of indomethacin (a powerful prescription dose), 37.5mg of zinc carnosine twice daily stabilized the lining of the small intestine and prevented the intestine from being penetrated by the indomethacin.

Protecting the intestine usually means less inflammation and less bleeding, and less pain.

Zinc-carnosine has been reported to reduce GI side effects in people being treated for Hepatitis C. and has a long history of use as complementary therapy.

In Japan, Zinc Carnosine is available only by prescription, and is approved for gastric ulcers.

It improved the cure rate for H. Pylori stomach ulcers from 86 percent to 100 percent in 66 consecutive patients.

In animals, carnosine prevents rusting of fats in cell membranes, and blocks toxins that are created. This may be how carnosine reduces damage from arthritis medication indomethacin.

Other scientists have considered zinc carnosine as an anti-ulcer drug and therapy for inflammatory bowel syndrome.

They believe it activates nf-kb, which
a naturally protective anti-inflammatory protein.

Rich food sources of Zinc-l-carnosine“> are lean meats, such as red meats that end in -loin, such as sirloin and tenderloin, and buffalo, elk and other game meats.

Poultry and fish also contain carnosine: a serving of 4 ounces of animal protein offers between 50 and 250mg of carnosine, depending on the meat, though absorption is variable.

If you have to take strong arthritis meds, you shouldn’t have to have the side effects. Zinc-carnosine supplements may help.

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