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Top Ten Questions to Ask When You See A Doctor in the Office

By DrLaPuma 17 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Vitamins and Supplements  /  Top Ten Questions to Ask When You See A Doctor in the Office
Dr John La Puma

David Schiedermayer, MD, volunteer physician and hospitalist and published poet and physician mentor and I offer these to you: we hope they help you get care you need.
In the Office, Ask Your Doctor:
1. Can I take generic medication?
*(crib note: You’ll save money, and safely!)
2. Am I taking too many medicines and supplements?
*(crib note: Sometmes these are redundant or unnecessary)
3. Who in your office can help me with insurance questions?
*(crib note: Usually a nurse or billing assistant)
4. Should I be taking aspirin, a statin, an ACE inhibitor, a beta blocker or a multivitamin?
*(crib note: These 5 medicines have been proven to help people live longer)
5. Could I go over my medicines and supplements with your nurse on the way out?
*(crib note: Nurses often have time to sort out the details)
6. Could I go over my diet with a dietitian?
*(crib note: Dietitians are the best at taking a detailed dietary history)
7. Could I see a specialist for my major medical problem?
*(crib note: Specialists can help adjust your specialized medications and determine whether you need a new procedure)
8. Could I see a pharmacist for a blood pressure cuff or a pedometer, or a pill splitter?
*(crib note: A pharmacist can help you monitor your own health and save you money)
9. Can I have a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care form?
*(crib note: Make sure your family knows how you want them to make decisions if you become terminally ill. Don’t leave them struggling in a futile situation)
10. How do you co-ordinate with your hospital physician?
*(crib note: Doctors in the hospital learn about you from your own doctor, and can often avoid duplicating tests you have already had).

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