Take 2 Brazil Nuts Per Day and Call Me in the Morning: Why Selenium Can Protect You Against Prostate Cancer

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In a Harvard study of selenium, 586 men who developed prostate cancer (CA) during a 13-year follow-up were compared with 577 who were cancer-free.

Those with the highest baseline plasma selenium levels had a 48% reduced risk of prostate CA than those with the lowest levels. Men with PSA scores of less than 4 who had high selenium levels had a far lower risk of prostate CA compared with any others.

Other research shows that men given 200 mcg/d of yeast-based Selenium (JAMA 1996;276:1957�63) protected against prostate cancer if they had low levels. The same appears to be true for lung cancer and selenium.

More than half of U.S. men have less than ideal levels of Selenium. Most men should take 2 Brazil nuts (about 200 mcg) per day. Try Unsalted Brazil Nuts. It’s one of the only foods that is as easy to take as a pill, and a lot tastier, cheaper, and more effective. Research the Brazil Nut World Market, 2004.

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