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Food and Memory: What Can You Eat to Remember?

By DrLaPuma 17 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Vitamins and Supplements  /  Food and Memory: What Can You Eat to Remember?
Dr John La Puma

In a 4 week double blind study with 100 Alzheimer patients, there were improvements in mood, cooperation, appetite, sleep, ability to navigate in the home, and short term memory.

With what? With essential fatty acids, 1:4, omega 6: omega 3. Found in flax, fish, purslane, walnuts and perilla.

Memory loss is preventable with what you eat. Over 20 years, of more than 13000 women, those who ate the most cruciferous vegetables and green leafy vegetables had the least memory loss.

And in men, low B vitamin levels–B6, folate (B9) and B12–predict cognitive decline. B vitamins help prevent memory loss.

Even food timing matters. High carbs at night seem to worsen Alzheimer agitation.

Readily correctable causes of memory loss include medication interaction. See a doctor to optimize your medications.

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