Flu Foods: What to Eat

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Broccoli and Onions

You already know the basics: wash your hands often; use paper not hand towels; throw away used tissues; cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

But did you know that some foods can help improve your immunity against flu viruses? Here are the top 3, all backed by the best science:

a. Brewer’s yeast/baker’s yeast, often used as a protein supplement or energy booster. But 500mg of this as the supplement Epicor dramatically reduced flu symptoms in healthy people…like those who are getting swine flu. Try some sprinkled on hot oatmeal—which itself improves immunity— or in a salad.

b. Apples, onions, tea and broccoli, because they’re rich in quercetin. A vitamin-like substance also in capsules, quercetin reduces susceptibility to Influenza Infection following stressful exercise. Toss sliced apples in lemon juice to keep them from rusting.

c. Try North American ginseng: healthy older adults vaccinated against Influenza A who took “Cold-Ex” ginseng daily had half the colds and flu of those who didn’t take it, and had symptoms half as long. Ginseng tea with honey is also an option, but doesn’t deliver a consistent dosage.

d. Try to be at ease. Ok, not a food. But a positive emotional style (vs. depressed, anxious or hostile) predicts resistance to illness after exposure to Influenza A virus.