Fish Once Weekly Helps To Prevent Memory Loss–6 Year Study-But It's Not the Omega-3s

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In Chicago, where memories are long anyway, 3,718 people who averaged 74 years old were well-studied over 6 years for memory loss, fuzzy thinking and other signs of cognitive decline.

Just 21% ate fish twice or more weekly. 36.3% ate fish once weekly.

    42.6% of subjects rarely or never ate fish.

Those who ate fish twice weekly reduced their rate of cognitive decline by 13% ; once weekly by 10%, compared with those who rarely or never ate fish.

That’s saving 3 to 4 years of cognitive decline from aging.

Which fish? “…tuna fish sandwich, fish sticks/fish cakes/fish sandwich, fresh fish as a main dish, and shrimp/lobster/crab.”

Most of these fish are not rich in omega-3s. And even though the brain is made up of nearly 60% DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, how much omega-3 was in the fish did not seem to matter, for memory or thinking.

Which means, fish (but not capsules of fish oil, necessarily) can be good medicine. Try free fish recipes.