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Carbs, Food Timing and Sport…Why It Works

By DrLaPuma 18 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Vitamins and Supplements  /  Carbs, Food Timing and Sport…Why It Works
Dr John La Puma

Food timing can be flaky (eat root vegetables at night, because they are in the dark all the time). Or logical, scientific and test-able.

Food timing is used by athletes whose careers and salaries depend on their fitness…even the smallest edge can make a big difference in big competition.

You can use it too. 16 people drank 100 grams of carb or a placebo 1 hour after doing 10×8 leg presses. Muscle protein stabilized in the drinkers but deteriorated in the placebo group.

7 trained runners ate either 65% carbs or 41% carbs in the last week of training. The faster runners–faster 10 mile times–ate higher carbs, had less fatigue, and better global mood scores.

Food makes a difference in performance. Boost yours.

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