Better Bones, Fewer Falls, Less Fracture, More Strength—Strontium

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Strontium is a mineral found in brazil nuts, molasses, whole grains, kale and of course, dietary supplements.

Strontium has been approved in the E.U. as a drug. A new study of over 5000 people over 3 years of data finds that 2 grams per day of strontium ranelate reduces the risk of nonvertebral fractures in postmenopausal women–from 19% to 45%.

BMD or Bone Mineral Density in the

  • hip
  • went up almost 10%.

    Strontium and calcium interact, and you may only need 800 mg of calcium daily if you have enough

    Vitamin D on board: over 400IU, and up to 800IU daily, to prevent hip fracture.

    More information is available in this excellent strontium appraisal.

    If you want to use food as medicine, it will be hard to get enough strontium: typical intake is 1-3 mg daily, and the studies have been largely done with 2 grams daily.

    But you can get Vitamin D from food–no supplement needed.