Alzheimers Memory Boost: People with Drinks Beat Mice Near Cell Phones

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The study released this morning showing that 4 ounces daily of an experimental, not-yet-marketed “memory cocktail” might help memory in Alzheimers is hopeful.

The study’s protocol seems straightforward: done in people with mild disease, for 12 weeks. The clinical trial sites are all across the U.S. in respected places. The “memory drink” includes the nucleotide uridine, omega-3 fats and choline: they help some animals with memory tasks.

But the investigators analyzed the cocktail group differently than the control. And it’s not clear if it was a blinded study. After 12 more weeks off the cocktail, the memory improvement had vanished. The corporate links (Danone sponsored/analyzed/written) are being criticized, but this is no different than most Pharma-sponsored research. So the results may be skewed.

Still, a drink in the right direction: food changes how your genes work, and which compounds they make. It’s been clearly shown that a Mediterranean diet can protect the brain in mild Alzheimers.

Funny that the story getting the most press yesterday was done in mice. “Cell phone exposure may protect against and reverse Alzheimer’s disease” was done by placing cages of mice around a cell phone radiation emitter. For 9 months. Twice a day.

Surely patients deserve food, not buzz.

  • Sue

    My mom, 80 yrs with moderate Alzheimer’s takes choline everyday, 3 times a day, one tablespoon mixed in a smoothy, cottage cheese or yogurt.

    It works! She is more clear and can find her words more easily. Food is absolutely natures medicine.

    Thank you for this post Dr. John!

  • Hey man, my name is Brian–I like to browse the site and am looking to make my first offering here real soon.