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Dr La Puma regularly blogs and answers questions for,,,, and and contributes culinary medicine columns and recipes to the Tribune Syndicate’s Food Section.

Selected print/virtual print coverage includes media pieces by or about Dr La Puma: “Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa”
The Costco Connection “Is Obesity a Disease?”
Delicious Living “Healthy Oils You’ll Love”
Dolce-Dolce “Who knew secret weapons could be so tasty?”
Eating Well Magazine “The Doctor is In…the Kitchen”
Epicurious “Six Foods that Fight the Flu”
Family Circle “Carbo Load”
Guideposts Magazine “Ask the ChefMD”
Life Experience Magazine “Expert Q/A: Executive Order” photo gallery
“Healthy Body, Happy Taste Buds”
Medscape “TV’s ChefMD Dishes Out Cooking and Nutrition Advice”
Men’s Journal “The Men’s Journal Diet”
New York Times Advice List “Best-Seller”
Parade Magazine “The New Nutrition/Why it’s Cool to Like it Hot”
Prevention Magazine “Lose 30#: Top Doctor’s Breakthrough Plan”
Readers Digest “Diet or Exercise?”
Real Simple Magazine “Slow Down”
Runner’s World “Runners’ Fuel”
Santa Barbara Magazine “Food as Medicine”
Santa Barbara Independent “From Santa Barbara Soil”
Shape Magazine “Fight Cancer in Your Kitchen”
Skinny Daily Post “Saving Up for Dr La Puma” “Cookbook of the Day”
US News and World Report “Turn Your Kitchen Into a Clinic”
Vegetarian Times “Eat this Book”
Wall Street Journal “A Reporter Eats His Way to Lower Cholesterol”
The Washington Post “Suddenly, it’s a Guy Thing” “Thanksgiving Calories, Without the Guilt”
Women’s World “Cover Weight Loss Story”