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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements and Personal Appearances

Dr. John La Puma is a thrilling keynote speaker.

Audiences are inspired and motivated once they hear him. People crowd around him at the end, smiling and wanting more. Dr La Puma is generous with his time, available and friendly, and loves giving audiences what they want…and what they need. He has spoken at TEDMED, TEDx, Harvard, Stanford, on Cruise Ships and at Rotary Clubs galore.

Contact Dr. La Puma to speak at your event.

Dr La Puma Reviews

“One of the most important and best presentations we’ve ever had—ever! You hit a grand slam!”
–Stuart Epperson, Chairman of the Board, Salem Communications

“Great job, for our company and for our customers. First rate. And your food was amazing.”
–Kevin Lobo, CEO, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

“Outstanding! Come back next year!”
–W. Lee Hammond, AARP President

“The women loved your session…and I would love to have you come back. You sold out all your books!”
–Paula Herman, Program Manager, Professional Businesswomen of California

“Not even your taste buds will know that you’re eating ‘good for you’ food.”
–Mehmet Oz, M.D., The Dr. Oz Show

“A fascinating blend of both chef and physician: his passion and talent come through with practical and enticing tips on how to shop, cook, and eat.”
–Jesse Ziff Cool, Restaurateur and Consulting Chef, Stanford University School of Medicine

“John taught me how to cook and how to make healthy food taste terrific. He’ll share that brilliant wisdom and practical advice with you.”
–Michael Roizen, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer, Cleveland Clinic; coauthor of four #1 NY Times Bestsellers including YOU: Staying Young

“…inspiring and great!”
–Mark Hurst, Founder and President, Creative Good

Sample Dr. La Puma Keynote Addresses and Speeches:

  • Nature as Medicine: How Gardens, Urban Parks and Water Can Heal
  • REFUEL for Men: How to Boost Testosterone, Lose Weight and Keep it Off…Without Drugs
  • ChefMD’s Culinary Medicine: What to Eat for Your Condition and for Well-Being
  • Virtual Reality and Nature: Prevent and Treat Your Pain with Ocean Scenes
  • REFUEL for Women: The New Possible in Sex, Synergy and Strength 
  • Make Yourself Younger With What You Eat and Food as Medicine: The RealAge Diet
  • Heart-Health for Women: 10 Foods and Healthy Meals to Keep You and Yours Healthy, Loving and Strong
  • Transform Your Life with What You Eat: Look and Feel Better Starting Today
  • Medicinal Herbs and Spices: Dried, Fresh and Zinging with Taste and Therapy
  • Exercise Outdoors: Why Where You Work Out and What You See Matter for Your Health

He can include, by request

  • Book signing
  • Cooking demos
  • Pre- and/or post-event media interviews
  • Onsite press conference
  • Pre-event invitation/introduction video recording
  • Break-out session
  • Attending a VIP event (meal or cocktail reception)
  • Pre-event evaluations / data gathering
  • Specific industry research
  • White paper / his articles
  • Social media promotion

In Santa Barbara, Dr La Puma offers personalized small group programs and certified organic farm tours and tastings.

Contact Dr. La Puma to speak at your event.