Wellness FX: Advanced Biomarker Testing

WellnessFX is the new gold standard for understanding and optimizing your health.

Whether you’re looking to improve athletic performance, lose weight, increase energy, or are simply curious about your biomarkers, WellnessFX can help you reach your personal health goals.

I highly recommend using their service: I have. To find out more visit the Wellness FX website.

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Learn what’s happening inside your body: get the analytics for your body.

There are seven packages– 4 Basic and 3 Specialty. I recommend the Performance for Men and the Premium for Women.  Both are deep dives into your metabolism, your reproductive systems, your hormones and markers of inflammation. Both give you a personal dashboard for a confidential read-out, and both give you the opportunity for a 40 minute board-certified physician to discuss your results with you. Amazing.

I’m so impressed with these folks that I’ll hold a special hour-long videoconference with WellnessFx on January 8 2014. We’ll talk about testosterone testing in particular, and how to interpret basic lab results…when you order them yourself, as you get to do here. 

Start here to take control of your health, get the right Fuel, and get the analytics for your body.

To find out more visit the Wellness FX website.