Mother's Milk DHA™ Test

Mother’s Milk DHA™ Test


The Mother’s Milk DHA™ Test from OmegaQuant Analytics uses a novel “dried milk spot” technology and is simple to do. From just 1 drop of breast milk you can learn how much brain-building DHA you are giving your baby, and if it’s low, how to optimize it.

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Product Description

Why measure breast milk DHA?

  • Omega-3 DHA is an important component of a baby’s developing brain
  • Baby’s best source for nutrition, including omega-3 DHA, is breast milk
  • Breast milk from American mothers is very low in omega-3 DHA
  • Moms can increase the amount of omega-3 DHA in their breast milk through diet and/or supplements
  • The amount of omega-3 DHA in the blood is related to the amount in breast milk, and moms can begin to increase their omega-3 DHA levels during pregnancy
  • The only way to know how much omega-3 DHA your baby is getting through breast milk is by measuring it – with the Mother’s Milk DHA Test.

Why OmegaQuant’s Mothers Milk DHA Test?

  • Uses novel “dried milk spot” technology
  • Simple and safe: Only need 1 drop of breast milk!
  • Hassel-free: Send dried milk spot through regular mail and receive results via email within 5 days of OmegaQuant receiving the sample.