Pineapple-Banana Frappe

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frappeChock full of potassium, and loaded with isoflavones, every glass makes your RealAge 3 days younger.
Preparation Time:  5 minutes
Cooking Time:  0 minutes
Servings  4
Serving Size:  8 ounce servings


2 large ripe bananas
1 cup 1% low fat soymilk
1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple in juice, undrained
1 cup pineapple-passion sorbet, such as Double Rainbow Gourmet (gluten-free)


Peel bananas; break into chunks. Combine all ingredients in blender container. Cover; blend until fairly smooth.
This is one time you won’t want to use fat free milk. The light milk gives a soft, roll-around-your-mouth feel that you’ll welcome. Add some soy protein powder for extra endurance until lunch.


1% low fat milk may replace the soymilk; 1 cup chopped fresh pineapple with its juice may replace the canned pineapple; and lemon sorbet may replace the pineapple-passion sorbet—you will get extra mouth puckering tanginess.

Nutrition Facts:

Fat Calories: 7.00 g
Total Fat:  0.80 g
Sat. Fat:  0.80 g
Cholesterol:  3.50 mg
Total Carbohydrate:  38.00 g
Fiber:  2.10 g
Sugars:  17.00 g
Protein:  3.00 g