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Classic Split Pea Soup

By DrLaPuma 10 years agoNo Comments
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split pea soup

split pea soupSure this is warming. Sure it’s easy to make. Sure it’s low calorie, low carb and even low fat. But how much does it cost? Virtually nothing! Split peas are a huge bargain–and because they’re split, they cook in half the time of most whole beans. And they’re a nutritional powerhouse–lean protein out the wazoo. Triple this recipe and freeze what you don’t eat!
Preparation Time:  5 minutes
Cooking Time:  1 hour
Servings  4
Serving Size:


1 medium onion
1 large carrot
2 cups green or yellow split peas
61/2 cups water
1 tasblespoon chili garlic paste or puree
Sea salt and pepper to taste


Finely chop onion and carrot. Combine all ingredients and simmer covered, on low heat for 1 hour, or until peas are tender and soup thickens.


Spice this baby up with a little Green Tabasco. Or, 3 seeded serrano chilies, chopped with the onion and carrot, and snuck into the broth.


Try split yellow peas instead of green, and saffron instead of serranos, in the tips.

Nutrition Facts:

Fat Calories: 9.00 g
Total Fat:  1.00 g
Sat. Fat:  0.00 g
Cholesterol:  0.00 mg
Total Carbohydrate:  9.70 g
Fiber:  2.90 g
Sugars:  3.40 g
Protein:  2.50 g