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Plant With a Doc

Medically proven, nature-based stress management and burnout reversal

Plant with a Doc

Plant With a Doc is a new, four week, medically proven, nature-based stress management and burnout (moral distress) technology for employees.

It was founded by Dr. John La Puma to help people begin to reduce workplace stress, improve their health and stress-related medical symptoms (anxiety, depression, back pain, neck pain, palpitations, difficulty breathing), and to achieve better life-work management by reconnecting with nature. The program also improves efficiency, productivity and the office itself, beautifying it and enhancing it.

Plant With A Doc recipient

The program consists of 12 texts, tailored to each individual’s preferences, present nature connection and experience. In addition, there are three components.

1. Plant and Pot gift

2. Choice of Mindfulness Exercise

  • Boundary Ritual
  • Reset breath
  • Meditation/Breathing App

3. Going outside daily

The program can be adapted to be digital only, without the plant, in those environments where going outside is preferable.

The program has been studied, and statistically significantly improves perceived stress (PSS-10), reverses burnout symptoms (Maslach Burnout Inventory) and improves clinical symptoms.

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