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Why Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain: Hint: It's Not the Sweetener

By DrLaPuma 14 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Obesity and Weight Loss  /  Why Diet Soda May Cause Weight Gain: Hint: It's Not the Sweetener
Dr John La Puma

In an 8 year study of more than 1500 people, a third became overweight or obese.
For those who drank regular soda, their risk of becoming overweight or obese:
* 26% for up to 1/2 (12 ounce) can each day
* 32.8% for 1 to 2 cans each day
* 47.2% for more than 2 cans each day.
For those who drank diet soda:
* 36.5% for up to 1/2 can each day
* 54.5% for 1 to 2 cans each day
* 57.1% for more than 2 cans each day.
If every 20 ounce cola has 250 calories, and diet has none, why did the diet soda drinkers gain more weight?

    3 possible explanations

1. Some research shows that diet drinks stimulate appetite (i.e., it’s what’s on the plate, not just what’s in the glass).
2. The body becomes accustomed to sweetness without calories, so when sweetness does come with calories, it can’t discriminate, and you eat more.
3. Rats can’t read the labels, but we can…but don’t, about other foods we eat with diet drinks.

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