Which Mediterranean Diet Prevents Alzheimer’s?

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A new prospective study of 2258 New Yorkers asked to follow a Mediterranean Diet for 4 years found that those who adhered most closely to the diet were 40 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

The Mediterranean Diet has also been scientifically shown to improve longevity in men and women JAMA 2005 (23 per cent lower risk of death over 10 years) and lower risk for heart disease, hospitalization and angina.

The Mediterranean paradox is actually a Mediterranean promise, and it’s a delicious one: try Ozner’s Complete Mediterranean Diet
a. little processed convenience food, with less saturated fat, salt, sugar, preservatives and additives.
b. more cooking and smaller portions.
c. more healthful unsaturated fat, especially from olives and olive oil; more antioxidants, especially from tomatoes and herbs like rosemary and sage; more anti-inflammatories from grapes, tea and red wine; more healthful protein, from nuts and fresh water fish;
d. more deliberate pleasure in eating–less rushing, more sensuality, more and better flavor: this is hard to quantify but easy to appreciate.

Though most Americans think of the Mediterranean Diet as the cooking of Italy and Greece, it includes 16 countries on the Sea…including Sardinia, Morocco and Malta. How and what people eat and cook (open flame? ovens) and what they drink (wine? tea?) with meals) depends on where they live.

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